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Zariyah S.

asked • 10d

How to solve this question, the steps at least?

The density of a solution of nitric acid is 1.072 g/cc, and it is 13.00 percent by mass. What volume of

the solution (in milliliters) do you need to supply 48.0 g of nitric acid?

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J.R. S.

Jacques D: Could you please comment further on why dimensional analysis is an incorrectly used term for the unit factor or factor labeling method? I'm curious. Thanks.



Sure. Dimensional analysis occurs in various situations. Let's say you thing that the final velocity(m/s) of something you drop will depend on the height (m) and g, the acceleration due to gravity (m/s^2). The only way you can combine m and m/s^2 to get m/s by x, /, or power is to combine them as sqrt(gh) or sqrt((m/s^2)*m). This means you could compare sqrt(gh) with v from an experiment and get that v = sqrt(2)sqrt(gh) or sqrt(2gh). You can group physical quantities together in the correct ways so that you can generate one graph instead of many for problems with a lot of variables.


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