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Habib K.

asked • 05/31/20

(Long Question) Please help if you have time.

Percentage Yield Lab

Note to students: This is only a practice lab (No Submissions). Feel free to get extra help if needed. Before the final one is given out. Have Fun!


The reaction between aluminum and copper (II) chloride dihydrate produces copper metal. In this investigation you will analyze this reaction with excess aluminum, assuming you collected the copper and determined the percentage yield of copper metal produced.

Prelab questions

  1. Write the balanced chemical equation for this reaction. Use the metal reactivity series to explain why this reaction occurs.

  1. If 4.00 g of copper (II) chloride dihydrate is used, calculate the exact mass of aluminum needed to react completely with the copper compound. To ensure that aluminum is in excess, you will use 5 times this mass of aluminum in your experiment.

  1. Calculate the theoretical yield of copper for this reaction.


Write out a proper hypothesis for this Lab.


List all the materials that you would need to perform this experiment. Include all equipment and chemicals necessary. Assume you have access to all the equipment in our school.


Write a numbered step by step procedure to carry out this lab. Be specific enough that someone could come in and repeat what you did exactly. Include the specific amounts of materials you need to use, how you will decide the reaction is complete, and how you will collect your copper metal at the end. (some research may be required here)


Make a properly formatted data table for this investigation to record any data that you need to collect for this lab. You do not need to fill it in.


Suppose you collected 0.75g – 1.75 g (Select any value to 2 decimal places) of dry copper metal when everything was done. Determine the % yield.


In a few paragraphs, explain any sources of error that you might encounter in the performance of this lab. Differentiate between human and experimental sources of error. Suggest possible improvements that you could make to your procedure to improve the results.


Write out a proper conclusion to the lab based on the amount of product you collected.

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