Skylar S.

asked • 04/14/20

What is the Syntax of this excerpt from The Crisis Speech by Carrie Chapman Catt? What was the goal of this Speech and how does the syntax in this excerpt help to achieve that goal?

"The object of the life of an organized movement is to secure its aim. Necessarily, it must obey the law of evolution and pass through the stages of agitation and education and finally through the stage of realization. As one has put it: "A new idea floats in the air over the heads of the people and for a long, indefinite period evades their understanding but, by and by, when through familiarity, human vision grows clearer, it is caught out of the clouds and crystalized into law."

Explain what the Syntax is, where it is and how it assists the speaker in their goal. the speech is called The Crisis - Sept 7, 1916 by Carrie Chapman Catt

Link to Speech:

Howard S.

All three sentences for the most part follow the noun-verb-object pattern. For example, it must obey, a new idea floats ...over the heads of the people, and the object of the life of an organized movement is to secure. The last sentence differs slightly, subject,linking verb, predicate nominative. This type of structure is seen as quite direct and so can make the point more visible.


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