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asked • 04/11/20


A mixture of gaseous reactants is put into a cylinder, where a chemical reaction turns them into gaseous products. The cylinder has a piston that moves in or out, as necessary, to keep a constant pressure on the mixture of 1atm

. The cylinder is also submerged in a large insulated water bath. (See sketch at right.)

From previous experiments, this chemical reaction is known to release


of energy. The temperature of the water bath is monitored, and it is determined from this data that


of heat flows into the system during the reaction.

Is the reaction exothermic or endothermic?

Does the temperature of the water bath go up or down?

Does the piston move in or out?

Does the gas mixture do work, or is work done on it?

How much work is done on (or by) the gas mixture? Be sure your answer has the correct number of significant digits.

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Allen Y. answered • 04/11/20

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