Martin O.

asked • 02/12/20

Calculating damage output in a video game

I have a character in a video game with 2 different sets of items. A normal attack does 800 damage, a critical attack does 1,5 times that, so 1200. The character has a certain attack speed, and a certain chance to land a critical hit.

With my first set, the character has an attack speed of 84% (0,84 attacks per second) each dealing 800 damage and a chance of 6% to crit for 1200 damage.

With the second set, the character has 70% attack speed (0,7 attacks per second) each dealing 800 damage, and a chance of 18% to land a crit for 1200 damage.

I know that attack speed is way more consinstant than the chance of landing a crit, but is there a way to calculate the average damage of both of these sets and compare them exactly? I would be very intrigued to find out. Thanks in advance!

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Ben R. answered • 02/23/20

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PhD in Mathematics

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