Yogita S.

asked • 12/14/19

Turbulence and Poiseuille's equation

(P3) [8 points] Poiseuille’s equation does not hold if the flow velocity is high enough that turbulence sets in. The onset of turbulence occurs when the so-called Reynolds number Re, exceeds approximately 2000. (a) Determine if blood flow through the aorta is laminar or turbulent, when the average speed of blood in the aorta (r = 1.0 cm) during the resting part of the heart’s cycle is about 30 cm/s.

I've done this problem over five or so times and can't seem to get the correct answer. using Re=2*v*radius*density/viscosity of blood. We were told that the viscosity should be taken to be 2.8*10^-3 Pa seconds.

The answer is supposed to be 2300 apparently but I keep getting vastly different numbers. Can someone please walk me through it? I am probably using the wrong units but can't figure it out.

Yogita S.

Thank you again in advance!


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Arturo O. answered • 12/14/19

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