John S.

asked • 11/04/19

AP physics question for homework

a projectile is launched from ground level to the top of a cliff which is 135m tall. The projectile is shot with an initial velocity of 75m/s at an angle of 60 degrees with the horizontal.

A) draw a diagram of the projectiles motion. include the initial velocity vector(Vo) the initial velocity vectors in the x and y directions (vox and voy), the initial and final heights (yo and y1), the horizontal distance (X1) and the projectiles path

B) Calculate the x and y components of the projectiles initial velocity. Add these values to your diagram.

c) Determine the time for the projectile to reach its landing.

d) determine the horizontal distance the projectile from the base of the cliff

e) at the instant just before the projectile hits its landing zone at the top of the cliff, determine the horizontal and vertical components of its velocity.

f) at the instant just before it strikes the ground, what is the angle below the horizontal made by the velocity vector.

G) determine the maximum height above the launch zone reached by the projectile.

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Howard J. answered • 11/04/19

Principal Mech Engr with 35+ years' on-the-job physics experience

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