Bradley N.

asked • 10/31/19

Projectile Motion on the Moon problem!

On the Apollo 14 mission to the moon, astronaut Alan Shepard hit a golf ball with a golf club improvised from a tool. The free-fall acceleration on the moon is 1/6 of its value on earth. Suppose he hit the ball with a speed of 35 m/s at an angle 28 ∘ above the horizontal.

a) How far did it travel?

b) Ignoring air resistance, how much farther would it travel on the moon than on earth?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Arturo O. answered • 10/31/19

Experienced Physics Teacher for Physics Tutoring

Bradley N.

So I'm plugging this into my calculator: R=1225sin(56/1.63333) and am getting the value 328 as the Range on the moon, however, this answer is incorrect when I put it into my homework. Do you know where I went wrong? Thanks for the response, by the way :)


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