Derek T.

asked • 10/19/19

Tension Problem

A block of mass m = 4.50 kg rides on top of a second block of mass M = 15.0 kg. A person attaches a string to the bottom block and pulls the system horizontally across a frictionless surface as in figure (a). Friction between the two blocks keeps the 4.50 kg block from slipping off. If the coefficient of static friction is 0.430, answer the following.

(a) What maximum force can be exerted on the string without causing the 4.50 kg block to slip?

 I got 82.17N

(b) Use the system approach to calculate the acceleration.

 I got 4.21 m/s2

Use the values from above to help you work this exercise. Suppose instead that the string is attached to the top block as shown in figure (b). Find the maximum force that can be exerted by the string on the block without causing the top block to slip.

This is what I need help with.

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AR U. answered • 10/20/19

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