Michael S.

asked • 10/13/19

Calculus 1 Question

Let f(x)={(7x-9x^2 for x<0), (6x^2+7x for x>=0)}

According to the definition of the derivative, to compute f'(0), we need to compute the left-hand limit

lim x->0- ____________ which is _____(7)

and the right-hand limit

lim x->0+ ____________ which is _____(7)

We conclude that f'(0)=_____(7)

*I found the derivatives of both parts of the function and determined that they are both equal to 7, and therefore f'(0)=7. This is correct, however I'm not sure what to put in the other blank spot next to "limx->0-/+". I've already tried putting the derivatives there but that doesn't work.*

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Jhevon S. answered • 10/13/19

Mathematics Tutor

Michael S.

Yes, it's an online system and I made sure to match up the derivates with where they should go. If that makes sense to you it's probably a mistake in the system that I'll bring to my teacher. Thanks for taking a look at it anyways.


Jonah S.

One possibility I can think of is that the system wants to see x^1 instead of x, or vice versa. Or that multiplication needs to be indicated explicitly. Or even try changing around the order of the sum.


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