Laura J.

asked • 14d

Plzz help!!! Chemistry

One cup of fresh orange juice contains 126mg of ascorbic acid(Vitamin C, C6H8O6).

Given that one cup=240.8mL, calculate the molarity of vitamin C in orange juice. Express your answer to an appropriate number of sig figs with the appropriate units.

I got M= 2973M and it's giving me the same description:recall that molarity has units of moles per liter(mol/L). For the unit section, I tried putting M, mol/L, moles/liter and it's giving me the same thing..what's wrong?

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Brandon L. answered • 14d

Science Tutor and MCAT Prep

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Cherylyn L.

There are no calculation errors in my answer, and it is shown with correct number of sig figs. Your solution shows same value as in my answer, 0.00297 M or 2.97x10^-3 M


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Cherylyn L. answered • 14d

PhD in Chemistry with 10 years of Tutoring and Teaching Experience

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Andrew M. answered • 14d

Post doctoral researcher at UC Davis

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