Asked • 06/14/19

Tudor or Jacobean plays that are sequels to a Shakespeare play?

William Shakespeare wrote around 40 plays (depending on how the Shakespeare canon is defined). Except for some of his history plays (*Henry IV*, *Henry VI*) and possibly *The Merry Wives of Windsor* (not a real sequel of *Henry IV Part 2* but another play involving Falstaff) Shakespeare did not write any continuations or sequels to any of his own plays. Marlowe, by contrast, wrote [*Tamburlaine the Great*]( as a two-part play. But what about **plays by other dramatists that continue the plot of a Shakespeare play**? Do any such plays exist? (I am excluding history plays from this question; there are history plays by several contemporaries of Shakespeare that tackle the same material—often based on Holinshed's *Chronicles*—in a different way.) Note that the [Jacobean period]( ended in 1625 with the death of King James, i.e. nine years after Shakespeare's death. Although the works I am looking for may have been written during Shakespeare's lifetime, I expect that the number of such works is very low.

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