Lucy R.

asked • 01/14/13

Why is Shakespeare important?

its for discussion in class

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Matthew S. answered • 02/24/13

Published Poet. Creative Writing, Poetry, English Skills

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Wayne B. answered • 07/09/13

Certified Tutor for English Lit, Composition (Writing), and Grammar

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Aileen M. answered • 01/15/13

Tutoring for All Ages

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Nirupama S.

Thank you Aileen for your nice comment. 

Thank you both for expanding the answers to emphasize the importance of Shakespearean work.



Ryan A.

I think shakespeare is not important to this world at all because he makes no sense at all in his plays. 


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Barbara J H. answered • 01/15/13

High School English and World Literature Instructor for 10 +years

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James C. answered • 02/19/13


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Crystal S. answered • 07/18/13

Experienced piano teacher specializing in young beginners

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Rachel Kay K. answered • 05/19/13

Creative Teaching Techniques for Students Who Learn Differently

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Nirupama S. answered • 01/15/13

Experienced Tutor for Math, Physics, Chemistry, and Test Prep

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