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Asked • 04/09/19

What is the best fitting term/label for my beliefs?

So starting off, the best I can narrow beliefs down is somewhere between a monotheistic system and science. I grew up in an Anglican household and grew up with Anglican teachings. Going through public school also taught me the scientific side of things so now I'm sort of stuck in the middle so I'll try to list of some of my beliefs to help. 1. I accept most scientific theories (like evolution) with the exception of the big bang theory. Instead, I believe that God created the universe and all its principles. I still believe that the universe is 13 billion years old and the Earth is 4.5 billion yo. 2. With the exception of some good things (like don't murder/steal, etc. and "love our neighbors as ourselves") I don't put much faith in the Bible. Not that there aren't good teachings in it, it's just I feel like you need to take everything with a grain of salt when taking life advice that was written by humand 1500-2000 years ago and possibly changed/interpreted in many different ways to fit the needs of the ruling governments and societies it was taught in. 3. I don't think humans are very special. Maybe we were pushed along over time by God who got bored (in an evolutionary sense) or we're just a random mutation that appeared at some point and became self aware to the point we are today. 4. Going back to my first point, I believe that all the scientific theories and laws that we are discovering are the mechanism that God (or a higher power) created. The best comparison I can think of for this would be that we are slowly, piece by piece, figure out high a complex computer program works and manipulating it to fit our needs/wants. 5. I believe in an afterlife similar to, if not exactly like Christian heaven where we see in spirit form everyone who has passed away like loved ones and friends. 6. I also believe that God/angels/past relatives are watching over us and will guide and protect us if need be. Also helping us hold on to life if it is not our time to go. There rest of the stuff I believe in falls either under scientific beliefs or in a region best classified as "I don't know". I'm very casual with religion so sorry if my beliefs are haphazardly put together. I'm just curious, what would be my best fit label? (P.S. Sorry if there's grammar/spelling mistakes, it's rather late here so it's possible to happen. And thanks for your time and input on my situation.)

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Brent M. answered • 04/09/19

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