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Fundamental idea on proving God's existence with science?

I think that proving God's existence or any deity from any culture with the rigors of science is fundamentally absurd. The popular arguments usually involve space-time and the big bang theory. (I have a layperson's understanding of those ideas). Suppose that some scientific theory has indeed proven that there exist a creator of the universe, then it still remains to be shown that "the creator of the universe" does in fact have all the attributes of the deity of that culture. Furthermore, if our greatest thinkers succeed in showing that "the creator" does have personal attributes, then what if those attributes contradict the characteristics of the believed deity? Should the new found "creator of the universe" be considered God? Hence, my main reason that it is absurd to try prove God's existence with science is that God is **not well-defined** even in non-scientific language and that proving it in scientific terms is comical. Does this argument make any sense to you? To prove God does one have to show that a certain physical particles exist? An equation? A fruit? A dog? A mathematical proof? What exactly needs to be shown is unclear to me. So what I want to know is what people trying to prove God, wants to show.

Robert B.

You can prove a Creator and unless you believe that the Creator had to create and is totally deterministic you have to assume your freedom (even to ask questions) is non-existent. That leads to the necessity of believing that this free Creator has things about Himself that you cannot know unless He reveals it. It amazes me that some people assume an eternal universe but a person eternal being that can't imagine. Or they admit that all the things they see didn't need an outside reason for being and yet a God Who is without need for outside reason of being appears odd to them. The Summa Contra Gentiles Book 1 by Aquinas deals with these matters.


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