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Quantum Physics


Einstein's general theory of relativity question

I have a question about Einstein's General Theory of Relativity. I know little to nothing about quantum physics given I'm only in 7'th grade. But I was watching a lecture on this theory, and I had... more


Considering general relativity and the rule that NOTHING can travel faster than light due to time stopping, is “time stopping” relative as well?

Light travels incredibly fast, and it’s the fastest. If I shot an electron near that speed, it gets progressively heavier the closer to the speed of light it gets. Time also slows in response to... more
Quantum Physics Philosophy Logic Causation


Can a lack of knowledge or understanding invalidate a positive claim?

Consider the **example** of causal determinism. It can be phrased in many ways, all with identical meaning:<br /> - The idea that "every event, including human cognition and behavior,... more

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