Asked • 03/25/19

Why is "dessin" pronounced like "déssin"?

One of the things that I appreciate as a French Learner is that words in French are so easy to pronounce. Unlike in English, where letters can be pronounced many different ways, and you have no way of knowing other than by being familiar with the word (for example, all these words are pronounced differently: cough, tough, bough, though, through), French instead seems to only have one pronounciation for each letter or vowel-letter-pair.However, the pronounciation of "dessin" surprises me. It sounds like "déssin" instead of the first vowel sounding like "de", as I would have expected. 1. Is there a pronounciation rule in "dessin" that applies to other words, or is it only for the word "dessin"? 2. Historically, why is this one of the exceptions, where "de" isn't always pronounced the same?

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