Dalia S.

asked • 11/12/14

Find vectors u and v

Let W be the set of all vectors of the form [2s-4t,-2s,-2s+t,3s-3t]
Find vectors u and v such that
W=span {u,v}

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Russ P. answered • 11/12/14

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Utsav U.

If we have W as a set of vectors of the form [5b+2c]
                                                                 | b      |
                                                                 [   c     ]
where b and c are arbitrary. Find vector u and v such that W=Span {u,v}.
--> Is it Two independent vectors u and v will span the set w if you have constants b &c such that bu+vc= member of W
              In the general vector int the set W we already have b and c constant in its components. Looking at pattern here 
for u and t   u={+5,-5,+1,-1}     v={+1,-1,+2,-2}?


Utsav U.

it is   [5b+2c]
         | b      |
         [         ]


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