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if 1 chicken can lay 5 eggs, how many chickens does it take to lay 500.45 eggs?

please tell me! need the method too!!!!

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1 chicken / 5 eggs

500.45 eggs * (1 chicken / 5 eggs) = 100.09 chickens

And since you can't have .09 chickens, or .45 eggs, you'll need an extra chicken - 101 chickens, which can lay up to 505 eggs.

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If you had a chicken that could lay 0.45'd make millions...especially for those on a diet or trying to cut down of cholesterol consumption...unforturnately...I'm betting you don't have that chicken.

Divide 500 eggs by 5 eggs per chicken and you'll get 100 chickens

   500 eggs  ÷   5 eggs/1 chicken   =    500 eggs  ×  1 chicken/ 5 eggs  =

You do the rest




This question is nonsense. First, because very few chickens can lay a partial egg, and second, because no time frame is given. If one chicken can lay five eggs, it can also lay 500 will jusr take longer. Of course by the time it lays those 500 eggs, it will be ready for the frying pan.