Dalia S.

asked • 10/31/14

Find the shortest distance from Point P

Find the shortest distance from the point P= (7, 6, 4 ) to a point on the line given by l: (x,y,z) = (-7t,7t,1t).
The distance is=?

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Stanton D. answered • 10/31/14

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Dalia S.

the answer seems to be incorrect


Stanton D.

Right you are -- should have been -6 = 198t
t=-6/198 = -1/33 -- That's two arithmetic errors on my part in a row!
D=sqrt(101-6/33+99(-1/33)^2) = sqrt(101-6/33+1/11)=sqrt(100+10/11)
Does that look better, now?


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