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How to find how many grams of nitrogen would fill 240 L

The problem says how many grams of nitrogen would fill a 240 L weather balloon to a pressure of 1.25 ATM at 29 degrees C

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You want to use the Ideal gas Law for this problem since you have all the necessary information.


Solve for n


plug in your information, remembering to use 0.08206 L·atm·mol−1·K−1 for R and to convert 29C to Kelvin.

Now you get how many moles of N you have.

12.09 moles N * 14.01g/mole N = 170 g. N

The key here is to see what information you have and to use the correct units. By always paying attention to the units, you can reduce most of your errors.

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This question requires that you apply the Ideal Gas Law, which states:


Where P is pressure  in atmospheres (1.25 atm)

V=volume in liters (240 L)

n=number of moles of gas (what we're looking for)

R= the ideal gas constant (.08206 L·atm·mol−1·K−1)

and T= temperature in kelvin (29 degrees C+273=302 K)





n=12.11 moles

Then convert moles to grams:

12.11 mol*14.00g/mol=169.54 g N