Amerov 3.

asked • 11/03/18

functions or not and surjective ,injective.

A2:={(x,y)∈R×R:x=y^3} I need to figure out whether it's a function or not and if it's I need to investigate if it's surjective or/and injective .

I know ,that functions that give two outputs for a single input are not functions and we don't call them functions.

and this is a function because it gives us one input for a single output.

However how to know whether it's injective or surjective i just need a hint or example

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Andy C. answered • 11/03/18

Math/Physics Tutor

Amerov 3.

And because for every elements of the set Y^3 there is an element in the set X it is surjective like : ={(8,2),(-8,-2),(27,3)...} and because there is one element of set Y^3 mapped to an element of the set X it is Injective too. Am I right?


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