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3.2 x 10^-4

Write each number in standard notation

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To put a number into standard notation from scientific notation, you move the decimal point in the base number (ie, 3.2) the number of spaces indicated by the exponent (ie, 4).  If the exponent is negative, the decimal moves to the left (if positive, it moves to the right).  When you run out of numbers, you add zeros.

3.2 x 10^-4 = 0.00032


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Going from scientific notation to standard notation is pretty easy.  You simply shift the decimal by the exponent on the 10. For example 4.2 x 10^3 = 4200 (decimal shifted 3 units),  5.2 x 10^-3 = .0052 (decimal shifted -3 units). Remember positive is to the right and negative is to the left just like on a number line.


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a-1 = 1/a
3.2 × 10-4 = 3.2 × 0.0001 = 0.00032