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50.1 x 10to the power of 3

Is the number  written in Scientific notation. if not explain

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If written exactly as shown, then no.  But 50.1 x 103 would be correct scientific notation and that is probably what you were really asking about.   In normalized scientific notation, the first number is selected to have an absolute value between 1 and 10.  So, to write this number in normalized scientific notation, you would write 5.01 x 104.  (We divide 50.1 by 10, so have to multiply 103 by 10 which becomes 104.)  Additionally, you could write 50.1E3 if using scientific E notation which is often used on calculators. And to cover all the bases, this number is 50,100.  (Write 50.1 as 50.100 and then move the decimal point 3 places to the right to reflect multiplication by 103 which is 1,000.)  Hope that helps!