Haley B.

asked • 06/28/18

Aspirin Synthesis Lab - What chemicals are present in each step?

Aspirin is prepared from salicylic acid via an esterification reaction, which involves forming an ester (ASA) from an alcohol (salicylic acid) and carboxylic acid derivative (acetic anhydride), in the presence of a catalyst (H2SO4).
The process involves forming solid crystals, filtration, mixed solvent recrystallization and then filtration again to purify the sample.
I'm trying to determine which relevant chemicals are present in each step. This is what I think so far:
Solid crystal I: crude aspirin, salicylic acid
Filtrate I: salicylic acid
Solid crystal II: Aspirin, salicylic acid
Filtrate II: Ethanol, salicylic acid
I'm not sure if Ethanol would be present in the second filtrate, but it is used along with water to recrystallize the sample.
I'm also wondering if acetic acid would be present in any of the steps from a decomposition of aspirin?
Thanks for your help!

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Ishwar S. answered • 06/28/18

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University Professor - General and Organic Chemistry

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