Savo P.

asked • 09/06/14

Analyzing a curcuit

  I've been taking an online course in electronics (basic), and I've been having a hard time solving this circuit, pic:
The goal is to find value of v3, i5, power dissipated in the resistors, and the power coming out of voltage and current source. This can be achieved sing KVL and KCL, or node method. Step by step for both would be great!

I've tried KVL on the big loop it didn't work out because of the parallel resistors who wont combine normally because of the signs, and also I can't find voltages of the sources. Using node method, they say if you choose the right node you can finish this with one equation.


EDIT: Here are the values V=6V, I=11A, R1=2Ω, R2=6Ω, and R3=6Ω

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Joe S. answered • 09/11/14

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