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Algebra word problem

There are 250 pounds on the left side of a barbell and 150 pounds on the right side. Suppose that you must balance the scale by adding 5 pound weights to the left side and exactly the same number of 10 pound weights to the right side. How many bags must you add to each side in order to balance the scale?
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3 Answers

   250 + 5x =   150 + 10x 
-  150.           - 150
100 +  5 x. =. 10x
          -5x.      - 5x
100 = 5x
divide both sides by 5
20 = x
Mathematical form
The answer is:
x= 20 
We want to add the same number of bags, call that number x, to both sides.  On the left side each bag weighs 5 lbs and on the right side 10 lbs.  So the relationship between the left and right sides will be:
250 + 5x = 150 + 10x
simplifying gives:  5x = 100 and solve for x = 20.
Let x= number of bags to be added on both sides,
Then for the left side, the weight of 5x added on 250 pounds,  250+5x,
for the right side, the weight of 10x added to be 150 pounds, 150+10x
Set equal on the both sides, 250+5x = 150+10x
Solve for x,  x = 20,    
Answer:  20 bags