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The question that I just ask was answered incorrectly.

Just because all three compounds involved in this reaction are soluble electrolytes does not mean that there wouldn't be any reaction!I already know that the reaction between ammonium nitrate and sodium hydroxide yeilds sodium nitrate,free NH3 gas,and water,so how do you figure that the addition of ammonium perchlorate would stop that reaction,much less cause no reaction at all to take place?

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Yes, it is true that ammonium salts react with base (NaOH) to produce ammonia gas.  However, I thought it might be possible that the perchlorate anion formed from ammonium perchlorate might form the acid and thus neutralize the base, thus preventing the reaction. Of course, if any gas is formed, then a reaction will occur.  And why was the presence of ammonium nitrate mentioned as an afterthought in the original question?  Also, it seems as though you already know the answer to this question, since you state that you already know that the reaction yields free NH3 gas, so what's the question?