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describe the transformation from a common function that occurs in the function . Then sketch its graph.

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The standard function f(x)=x^2 is transformed by inverting it and shifting it up by 12.
   Y = f(x) = 12 - x^2
Not too easy to graph with only text!
                         12 __________|
                                            *   |  *
                                         *      |      *   
                                       *        |        *
                       _______*_____|_____*_______  X
                                    *                        *


Thank you so much. So let me ask you this. if I have f(x)=(x-8)2....will the answer be the parent function is f(x)=x2 and it will shift up 8?
No, it will shift to the right by 8.  Just plug in x = 8 to see that the result will be zero.  The only place the original function is zero is where the Y axis meets the X axis.  So this is the same curve but shifted to the right.