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Sierra E.

asked • 11/01/17

Two Physics Question About Linear Motion I'm Stuck On

Hello! I was going through my review questions and I got eight out of the ten questions done, but no matter what I do, I can't seem to figure out these two questions. Any help given would be highly appreciated! 

1.)  On your way to the grocery store though there is some slow driving person in front of you so you slam on the gas going from 30. mi/hr to 60. mi/hr. Luckily your husband brought a stop watch and told you the whole thing took place in 10.s. What is your acceleration and how far did you go? 

2.)  Two spacecraft are 13,500 m apart and moving directly toward each other. Spacecraft#1has velocity 525 m/s and accelerates at a constant -15.5 m/s2. They want to dock, which means they have to arrive at the same position at the same time with zero velocity. 

(a) What should the initial velocity of the spacecraft#2 be?
(b) What should be #2 constant acceleration?

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Kenneth S. answered • 11/01/17

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Arturo O. answered • 11/01/17

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