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Camilla has a rectangular print that is 34 inches wide and 26 inches tall. She wants to center it on the wall above the television in her living room. The television is placed i front of a rectangular wall in the living room that is 18 1/2 feet long and 9 3/4 feet tall.
ANSWER: To be centered horizontally,, the print must be 7 5/6 feet from each adjoining wall.

The television reached a height of 4 1/2 feet. What is the number of feet from the ceiling Camilla must hang the print for it to be centered vertically?
ANSWER: To be centered vertically the print must be 1 13/24 feet from the ceiling and the television.

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Part A
the wall is 18 1/2 ft long
the picture is 34 in or 34/12=2 10/12=2 5/6 ft wide
18 1/2-2 5/6=18 3/6-2 5/6
18 3/6=17 9/6
17 9/6-2 5/6=15 4/6 ft left with half this distance on both sides of the picture
15 4/6 simplifies to 15 2/3
(15 2/3)/2=(47/3)/2=(47/3)*(1/2)=47/6=7 5/6 ft
Part B
the wall is 9 3/4 ft tall
the TV has a height of 4 1/2 ft
9 3/4-4 1/2=5 1/4 ft is the distance you have to work with
the picture is 26 in tall or 26/12=2 2/12=2 1/6 ft tall
5 1/4-2 1/6=5 3/12-2 2/12=3 1/12 ft with half this distance top and bottom
(3 1/12)/2=(37/12)*(1/2)=37/24=1 13/24 ft


Im confused with A.  I get in Part A its wide to wide tall to tall.  I understand the 34/12 because 12 inches = a foot.  But why aren't you making the improper fraction into a regular fraction?  ex: 18 1/2 = 111/6.  And then why do we have to divide by 2?  I don't understand that in either problem.
look at 18 1/2-2 5/6=18 3/6-2 5/6
you can't subtract 5 from 3 so you borrow from the 18
18 3/6=17+1+ 3/6=17+6/6 + 3/6=17 9/6
is this the part you don't understand ?
also I divided by 2 because you want it centered horizontally so you want the picture to be the same
distance from each wall(left side and right side); the leftover space, 15 2/3 feet has to be divided into 2 equal distances, one for each side of the picture so the picture is centered
ok, I get why you divided by 2 - thanks.  But I am very lost in the first part.  1) I don't understand why the mixed fraction isn't made into a regular fraction.  I learned when you see a mixed fraction you should change it, even if it's an improper fraction, then if your answer is improper you can change it at the end.
2)  I am even more confused with the whole subtration and borrowing.
3)  Why can't I leave it as 34/12 -37/2 (I got this from 18 1/2) and do 37/2-34/12?
This doesn't give me the right answer I know, but I want to know why and I want to understand.  They gave the answer so I know its wrong, but if they didn't give me the answer I definitely would get this wrong. Thanks.
you can solve it  as 37/2-34/12=222/12-34/12=188/12=15 8/12=15 2/3, just like what I got;
you can solve fractions this way but you are doing much more work; you should learn to add and subtract fractions and mixed numbers without having to change the mixed numbers to improper fractions; however
you do whichever works best for you and whichever way is easiest for you to understand; eventually you will realize it's easier not to change mixed numbers to improper fractions
You are very welcome for the help and feel free to post problems anytime. I'll be happy to help you.
Arthur D.