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Confused with Word Problem

Hi Tutors,

I need help on this word problem. This is my son's homework for Multiplication and Division Word Problems. The problem didn't say that each cup costs 4.98. It just said 5 cups for 4.98. We added all the cost but we're not sure if we need to multiple the 5 cups to $4.98. And since this is a topic about Multiplication and Division Word Problems, he was confused as to whether we should go for it or vice versa. I would really appreciate the help.

Word Problem

Alex bought 5 cups for $4.98. He also bought a large plate for $8.75. How much did all of thr items cost?

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As I read the problem it appears to me that the total for the five cups was $4.98.  I would think the problem would read "...bought 5 cups for $4.98 EACH" if the price of the cups was to multiplied by 4.98 for each of the cups.  I think you'd be safe if you added the costs of the two items.  Is there anyway you could contat the teacher to confirm this.  That would be your safest bet.  Goog luck!!




Thanks! He just added the costs of the two items. If the teacher says it's wrong, he will contest his answers. :) Thank you for the quick response. :)
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Hello Sam,
I agree with Bill that the question in not entirely clear, so IF you have the opportunity to ask the teacher to clarify I would ask!
If you cannot get clarification from the teacher, the clue I see is that the topic is "Multiplication and Division Word Problems". If you took the total price of the 5 cups as $4.98, then there is NO multiplication in the problem. The problem becomes simple addition (the total price of the cups plus the price of the plate). BUT because the problem is supposed to help your son with his multiplication skills, I think it would be safe to say that (as Bill suggested) you should multiply the price times the number of cups bought.
Tony D.