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Molar Heat of KBr

when a 4.00 gram sample of KBr is dissolved in water in a calorimeter that has a total heat capacity of 3.185kJ*K-1 , the temperature decreases by 0.210 K. Calculate the molar heat of solution of KBr.

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This is a question about calorimetry.  We are given a temperature change and the total heat capacity of the calorimeter.  We are also given the amount ( in grams) of KBr being dissolved.  Our goal is to calculate the enthalpy change per  mole of KBr.
First, we will calculate the enthalpy change and then convert that heat into a molar quantity.
To solve, we will use the equation
 ΔH = -Ccal x ΔT  where Ccal is the heat capacity of the calorimeter and ΔT is the temperature change. Notice the negative sign in front of Ccal!  
So, using the values given
ΔH = -(3.185 kJ K-1) x (-0.210 K)   Notice that ΔT is negative because we are told the temperature decreased.
ΔH = 0.669 kJ, but we need to convert to a molar quantity, so
(0.669 kJ/4.00 g KBr) x (119.0 g KBr/1 mol KBr)
Grams cancel and we get 0.669 kJ/ 0.0336 mol KBr = 19.9 kJ/mol
I hope this helps!