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Should one get their college textbooks before or after the first day of their classes?

Imaginary Bobby hasn't gotten his because he wants to wait until he receives his syllabuses and Imaginary Pete already ordered his and got one and waiting for the others. 

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I think it might be beneficial to get them before class so that you don't encounter a situation where they have sold out of the textbook for your class, and you are left without a copy. 
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That may depend on the instructor.  Some instructors use the first day of class just to go over the course and expectations, and they do not start teaching until the second day of class.  Others jump right in on the first day, and if you have not already started reading, you may already be a day behind.  There are others who assign homework on the first day of class.  I suggest examining the course syllabus before the start of the term (if it is available), and deciding then if you need the book(s) right away.  If you order the books, you also need to account for delivery time, which could put you further behind.
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Not sure who, or what Bobby and Pete are, but why not get them after the first day, just to be sure the professor hasn't made any changes.