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the amount of money collected is represented by the function A(m)=2.50m M is number of minutes after midnight. What would be domain for this function?

Need help, please!!

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Hi Kevin,
The rules that I use to determine the domain of a function are: the domain consists of all real numbers EXCEPT any that:
    1) would cause me to divide by zero
    2) would cause me to place a negative number inside a square root radical
    3) would not make sense with the question asked
In this case, there are no concerns about dividing by zero or making a square root radical less than zero, so the only thing I am really concerned about is coming up with an independent variable that would not make sense with the question asked. So, for the question given, it only makes sense for the independent variable to be 0 or greater (i.e. the number of minutes after midnight).
So, the domain would be x = [0,∞)