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Evaluate d/dx

Evaluate d/dx 3√(ln(7-x^2)) at x=1

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f(X)  = (ln(7-X2))(1/3)
f'(X) = (1/3)* (ln(7-X2))(-2/3) * (1/(7-X2)) * (-2X)
for X=1 we have:
f'(X) = 0.2259


Please post your answer and the solution to compare, I can not be trying to give a number that i do not know.
we are not provided with the solutions, they simply tell us whether the answer is correct or incorrect and in this case it was incorrect. I tried solving it on my own and for f prime x i got 2x/3(x2-7)log2/3(7-x2). How would i go about solving for x=1? do i just plug in 1 where ever there is an x?