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Earth Science c/o prairie dogs ecosystem

1.  all of the prairie dogs found in a prairie ecosysstem make up an
a. population
b.  community
c.  biome
d.  abiotic factor
2.  the prairie dogs are examples of
a.  flora in a terrestrial ecosystem
b.  flora in a marine ecosystem
c.  fauna in a terrestrial ecosystem
d.  fauna in a marine ecosystem
3.  ecoystems tend to lose energy as a result of
a.  photosynthesis
b.  chemosynthesis
c.  the storing of chemical energy in the molecules of organisms
d.  the radiation of heat by organisms usine chemical energy

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Prairie dogs make up the population of prairie dogs in the ecosystem, the community o ecosystem is made up of additional organisms that include both flora and fauna.
Prairie dogs are examples of fauna in a terrestrial ecosystem, as prairies are terrestrial and not marine habitats.
Ecosystems tend to lose energy as a result of photosynthesis when producers plants synthesize food that is consumed by herbivores which in the chain are consumed by primary, secondary and tertiary carnivores respectively  thereby leading to gradual loss of solar energy.