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Earth Science c/o water and organisms

imagine you are out mountain climbing and come across a large lake with crystal clear water.
a. would you expect this lake to support a large number of organisms.  Why?
b.  as you continue to walk you come across a meadow.  what was most likely here before the meadow?
b.  in 50 years would the area look the same?  why or why not

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A lake with clear water can certainly support many organisms: both aquatic and terrestrial. There are only specialized aquatic species that can grow in salt water/ocean but most species want sweet/soft water for their sustenance. Clearness of the water is an indication that it is soft, devoid of impurities and therefore, such lake would support life.
The area showing meadow might have gone through primary and secondary succession, it could have been a dense forest or grassland as well. It would depend on surroundings.
The area has the potential to support life and therefore, it is likely to be populated by either wild species or human habitat. However, a natural catastrophe or human invasion (war) might change its  fate.
Hope this helps.