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Earth Science c/o Keystone species

sea stars living along the pacific coast of the united states eat mussels.  if sea stars are removed fromt he ecosystem, the number of mussels will increase until they are so numberious that they out compete many of the other species present for living space.  when sea stars were removed during an experiment in the 1960's, the total number of other species fell from 15 to 8.  is the evidence that sea stars were keystone species in the ecoystem.
I say,
Yes because a keystone species is  vital part of the ecosystem.  when it fell from 15 to 8 it showed the whole ecosystem is at risk when the sea stars were removed.
is this right
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1 Answer

Yes, from the information present and the knowledge of what a keystone species is, being a "vital part of the ecosystem." You are correct.
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Dominic J.