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Earth Science c/o Succession

1.   pioneer species are found in areas
a.  undergoing primary sucession
b.  undergoing secondary succession
c.  of climax communitites
2.  an area undergoing primary succession, perennials are
a.  the first plan to appear
b.  presend before primary succession begins
c.  not part of this stage of succession
I would think #2 is c

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1. a, pioneer species such as lichens followed by shrubs and grasses.
2. c, perennials only appear when soil and climate are stabilized and that is much late rafter the stages of succession.


Lichens are the first species that appear after primary succession. During secondary succession and also during the transition phase, grasses and shrubs appear. Perennials are not the components of these stages of succession and usually not present during primary succession. Answer for 1 is a since pioneer species are the first to appear after  primary succession
I hope this helps.