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Earth Science c/o plants

1.  in mycorrhiza which organism benefits?
 a.  plants
 b.  bacteria
 c.  both a and b
 c.  none of these
2.  a plant which does not receive enough water would
a.  increase turgor
b.  decrease photosynthesis
c.  both a  and b
d.  none of these
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1 Answer

Mycorrhiza is fungus that grows on plant roots. The fungus provides more surface area for the absorption of minerals and water that can be transferred to the plant. Mycorrhiza also allows pants to recycle phosphates in soil which benefits the bacteria living in the soil. 
So the answer to 1 is c
The chemical representation of photosynthesis involves water as one of the reactants. Without water photosynthesis cannot occur. So the rate of photosynthesis will decrease. 
Turgor is rigidity of plants. When a plant's cells lack water they shrivel and move away from the cell walls. This is what causes withering, which means the plant's cells aren't very rigid. So they're not turgid.
The answer to 2 is b