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Earth Science c/o carbon, carbohydrates, plants

1.  The elemnet which is the building block of all living things is:
     a.  oxygen
     b.  carbon
     c.  nitrogen
     d.  phospourus
2.  Carbon is use to form
    a.  carbohydrates
    b.  fats
    c.  proteins
    d.  all of these
    e.  none of these
3.  Plants get the carbon they need in order to produce glucose by,
    a.  taking carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere
    b.  combining carbon monoxide with oxygen to form carbgon dioxide
    c.  living in association with bacgteria that convert carbon dioxide fromt he atmosphere into a form they are able to use
    d.  absorbing water
4.  where might a plant store carbohydrates
   a.  seeds
   b.  roots
   c. leaves
   d.  all of these
   e.   none of these
5.  animals gain the carbon they need to build organic molecules,
   a.  by taking carbon dioxide directly from the atmopshere.
   b. by living in associaiton with bacteria that convert carbon dioxide from the atmosphere into a form they are able to use
   c.  by eating plants and other animals
   d.  by drinking water

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Question 1 b; question 2 d; question 3 a; question 4 d; question 5 c