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Word Problem

Diego works at a toy store. His boss tells him to order 420 stuffed bears and toy cars. He must order 4 stuffed bears for every 3 toy cars.

a) If he must order 9 large stuffed bears for every 7 small stuffed bears, how many of each stuffed bear should he order?

b) If Diego must order 7 toy racecars for every 3 toy trucks, how many of each toy car should he order?
**Please explain in very simple terms.  This one is confusing.  Thanks.

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4+3=7 (the ratio is 4 to 3)
4*60=240 stuffed bears
3*60=180 toy cars
a) 9+7=16 (the ratio is 9 to 7)
    9*15=135 large stuffed bears
    7*15=105 small stuffed bears
b) 7+3=10 (the ratio is 7 to 3)
    7*18=126 toy racecars
    3*18=54 toy trucks