Pia R.

asked • 04/17/17

gauss law problem

An infinite line of charge with linear density λ1 = 7.4 μC/m is positioned along the axis of a thick insulating shell of inner radius a = 2.8 cm and outer radius b = 4.2 cm. The insulating shell is uniformly charged with a volume density of ρ = -792 μC/m3.
Im confused in this one because it has two different charge densities. I need to find the electric field at a<r<b and just set it up without plugging in the values. i need to express my answer in rho a lambda r b and Eo
i know its EAs = Qen/EIm thinking it is E (4pir2)= [-rho*l(pir^2-pia^2)]+lambda*l]/E
im not sure if its right and i dont think so cause i dont know l 

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Arturo O. answered • 04/17/17

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