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Gauss's Law: Find expression for the electric field

A slab of nonconductive material is perpendicular to the z-axis, centered on the origin, has a total thickness of 40 mm, and is infinite along the other two axes. It has a uniform volumetric charge... more
Gauss' Law Physics


gauss law problem

An infinite line of charge with linear density λ1 = 7.4 μC/m is positioned along the axis of a thick insulating shell of inner radius a = 2.8 cm and outer radius b = 4.2 cm. The insulating shell is... more
Gauss' Law Physics


Gauss's Law

Consider the electric charge distribution shown in figureFormed by three small spheresAnd a larger one. The density ofCharge in the various regions of theSpace is indicated in the figure,Being ρ a... more
Gauss' Law Physics


Physics Gaussian Law

A thin conductive sheet is placed on the ground. The sheet is square with L m sidelength and carries a total charge of Q C. A small ball bearing is held above the centre of thesheet and carries a... more
Gauss' Law


What is gauss

x+y+z=2 2x+y-z=5 x-y+z=-2  
Gauss' Law


how to find the summ

Find the sum: 1+2+3=...+94 using Gauss's approach Please show how you arrive at this answer

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