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Please help solve math word problem in description below

Film Frames are 70 millimeters wide and projected on a screen that is up to 99 feet wide. If a 4 millimeter long ant walked onto the film and was projected, how wide would the ant appear on a 99 foot wide screen?

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Hi Sandy;
(70 mm)/(99 feet)=(4 mm)/x
Let's note that the unit of mm is in the numerators of both sides.  It cancels...
(70 mm)/(99 feet)=(4 mm)/x
70/(99 feet)=4/x
The only unit remaining is feet.  This is what we want...
70x=(4)(99 feet)
70x=396 feet
Divide both sides by 70...
(70x)/70=(396 feet)/70
x≈5.66 feet