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you want to mix 5 oz of orange tint with every 3 quarts of white paint. how many oz of orange tint do you need to mix with 6 gallons of white paint?

i am really confused on how to do this

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1 Answer

What you have here is a classic proportion problem. We have 5oz. of orange tint for every 3 quarts of white.

5oz O:3qt W

We are told we will be mixing with 6 Gallons of White. This is a different unit of measure. We must now convert our gallon units to quarts.

1 Gallon = 4 Quarts   therefore,

6 Gallon= 24 Quarts


We now know we have 24 quarts of white paint. Because we know we must mix 5oz of orange tint for every 3 quarts we must mix 8x 5oz or 40 oz of tint