Daisy R.

asked • 03/09/14

Sumation notation

1)simplify the ratio of the factorials 30!/27!
      This is what i do 
Is this answer right?
 2) use sigma notation to write the sum 
      [2]+[2•(1/2]+[2•(1/2)^2] +[2•(2/2)^3....[2•(1/2)^9
I think that n=(1/2)^9
    How you write the sigma greek leter in the key board
3)write an expresision for the most apparent sequence (Asume that n= 1
     I am thinking that they increase by two but not when it get to 19
    So it can not be n+2
    I realy am notsure

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Kay G. answered • 03/09/14

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