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Iron (3) Oxide + Aluminum = Iron + Aluminum Oxide answer

Pb(s)+2 HCl(aq)→PbCl2(s)+H2(g)
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2 Answers

Translating the first equation to formulas, and balancing: 
Fe2O(s) + 2 Al (s) → 2 Fe (s) + Al2O(s)
(This is the thermite reaction.  Because the reaction is quite exothermic, the metallic iron is molten at first; it cools and freezes eventually.)
Translating the second equation into words, 
Solid lead metal reacts with aqueous hydrochloric acid to form solid lead(II) chloride and hydrogen gas.


good update on the problem.  I should have noticed it was thermite!!
This is the first problem balanced and written with formulas.
Fe2O3(s) +  2Al(s)  -----> 2Fe(s) +  Al2O3(s)
If you needed the other equation translated back to words, it is below as well!
Lead metal and aqueous hydrochloric acid are reacted to form lead(II) chloride and hydrogen gas.