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im lost help please

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3 Answers

the coffee should be 2/3 Kenyan and 1/3 Venezuelan
[(2X11) +(1X14)]=36  AND 12x3=36
2/3 x 288 = 192 kg Kenyan
1/3 x 288 = 96 kg Venezuelan
Let the amount of Kenyan coffee be "K" and the amount of Venezuelan coffee be "V." The K + V = 288, or
K = 288 - V.
The cost of the Kenyan coffee will be 11K and the cost of the Venezuelan coffee will be 14 V. The sum of these costs will be 12(288), or
                                          11K + 14V = 12(288) and since K = 288 - V, then
                                                 11(288 - V) + 14V = 12(288)    and
                                                                        3V = 288    or
                                                                          V = 96 kg. and
                                                                  K = 288 - V = 288 - 96 = 192 kg. 
Hi Jhnaesha;
Kenyan value....$11/kg
Kenyan weight...x kg
Venezuelan value...$14/kg
Venezuelan weight...(288-x) kg
mixture value....$12/kg
mixture weight...288 kg
($12/kg)(288 kg)=[($11/kg)(x kg)]+[($14/kg)((288-x)kg)]
The unit of kg is in the numerators and denominators of all facets of the equation.  It cancels...
($12/kg)(288 kg)=[($11/kg)(x kg)]+[($14/kg)((288-x)kg)]
The unit of $ is in the numerators of all facets of the equation.  It cancels...
Now that the units are aligned, we may calculate...
Let's subtract 4032 from both sides...
Let's divide both sides by -3...
A negative number divided by a negative number has a positive result...
Kenyan weight...192 kilograms
Venezuelan weight...288-192=96 kilograms

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